C2E2 2018

Wow! It’s been about two weeks, but our first 2018 convention has come and went! What a wonderful time we had with so many people, new and old friends alike. This convention is probably the biggest one I’ve been to, and it did not disappoint! We ran into a lot of photographers working as well, and while some said they were having problems with security and staff, that was not our experience. When staff did approach, it was always to compliment us on our and our friend’s cosplays! We see ourselves coming back and working this convention next year!

IMG_4852 copy@spookystitch in Pin Up Jessica Rabbit (design by Carlations th@carlawyzgala )-Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
IMG_4511 copy@angieraaaah in Tharja-Fire Emblem Awakening
IMG_5153 copy
@rtheta_kamal and @rthetagrey in their original design of Sidon and Mipha- Zelda: Breath of the Wild!
IMG_4961 copy@kowai_queen in D.Va Catsuit-Overwatch
IMG_5246 copy@_e.m.j._ in Hatsune Miku-Vocaloid
IMG_4277 copy
@missazurerose in Mash Kyrielight-Fate Grand Order
IMG_5518 copy
@missazurerose in Harley Quinn & @katy.lacy in Poison Ivy- 1950’s Design
IMG_4584 copy
@katy.lacy in 1941 Wonder Woman
IMG_5322 copy
@lindseycreeps in Princess Bubblegum-Adventure Time design by @hannah_alexander_artwork IMG_4072 copy
@kowai_queen in Mabel and (N/A) in Dipper-Gravity Falls

I will slowly be getting up the blog posts that feature the private sessions, but for now, I thought this would help keep everyone happy. Next convention: Anime St. Louis!

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