AHHHH! Published in Cosplay Culture Magazine!

Hiya folks! This one is just a person post, nothing to really show off….other than we friggin got published! Our Daisho coverage was recently printed in the February/March Issue of Cosplay Culture Magazine! As exciting as it was to have this happen, they goofed and credited someone else. They fixed/announced on their Instagram and will be printing the correction in the next issue! Until then here is a look at what was printed!


Monster Hunter Cosplays by @lollipopchan.cosplayIMG_5253

Chat Noir from Granblue Fantasy-@Kei-kun Cosplay
Viral Gurren Lagann-@Genyaapa Cosplay
Love Live! Cyber Group-Eli: @rinthekat
Umi: @lindseycreeps
Hanayo:  @kawaiikayy_
Rin: @charredaznable 
Nozomi: @little_miss_senpai
Nico: @scarbearhoffmanIMG_5254

Devil Maki Love Live!: @scarbearhoffman
Harley + Joker: This was a hall shot and I really don’t know who they are! Please let them know!
Ban Airi Devil Survivor 2: @Beloved Cosplay
Antispiral Nia Gurren Lagann: @Mahou Maddie Cosplay
Ballerina Widowmaker+Amelie Overwatch: @Sophia + @TeJae

To say the least, I am beyond excited about this. Set goals for yourself, and see if you can accomplish them! You never know how far you’ll go!


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