So my dreams came true when I got to shoot with this wonderful group of gals! The best Sailor Moon group I have ever seen! I can’t wait for them to show off their Sailor Moon soon!

There is so much that goes with this shoot, we have behind the scenes video thanks to Vs.NerdStuff  ! You can watch the video here!

Check out Pretty Guardians at their Facebook Page!

IMG_5829 copyIMG_5821 copyIMG_5912 copyIMG_5877 copyIMG_5862 copyIMG_5392 copyIMG_5385 copyIMG_5434 copyIMG_5442 copyIMG_5686 copyIMG_5692 copyIMG_5500 copyIMG_5512 copyIMG_5561 copyIMG_5573 copyIMG_5460 copyIMG_5480 copyIMG_5341 copyIMG_5348 copyIMG_5658IMG_5620 copyIMG_5746 copyIMG_5783 copyIMG_5719 copyIMG_5704 copyIMG_5844 copyIMG_5857 copy

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