St. Louis Private Shoot-Elizabeth Bioshock Infinite Burial

Hello! This is mainly going to be a website to showcase my photo sessions with different cosplayers! And for my first post we are viewing Kiss Kiss Cosplay as Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite Burial! We shot most of these between the underwater tunnel at the St. Louis Zoo and Blueberry Hill Restaurant. The employees at the Blueberry were very nice and even let us shoot downstairs in the bar since it wasn’t busy and didn’t have any shows until later that night! The Zoo was amazing as well as we literally took five seconds for the really beautiful underwater tunnel, surrounded by hundreds of people and we were so lucky to nab this perfection. This was also the first time I got to meet Kiss Kiss Cosplay!!!

IMG_0106 copy

IMG_9981 copyIMG_9911 copyIMG_9810 copyIMG_9767 copyIMG_9765 copyIMG_0147 copy

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